Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wheelmen Win 3rd Consecutive Maranville Cup

On Fathers Day 2013 the Wheelmen brought home it's 3rd consecutive Rabbit Maranville Cup by defeating the Whately Pioneers. This is a great honor for the Wheelmen to be invited by the Springfield Bring It Home Committee. We really appreciate winning the Maranville Cup as I believe Rabbit was our kind of player...a tough, no non-sense S.O.B! He would fit right in with my boys.
Gunner accepting the Cup from a Maranville family member.

"There is much less drinking now than there was before 1927, because I quit drinking on May 24, 1927." Rabbit Maranville

"It's Been A While!"

Sounds like the title of a really great song. Now that Google has fixed their issues (they were not really much help), I hope I can revive the Captains Blog and give you some updates about our Swan Song Season of 2013.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Andele Meets Mickey

On a chance meeting this past Labor Weekend at a Cape Cod Over 30 Baseball Tournament, current Wheelmen Andele Conde had a chance meeting with honorary Wheelmen Mickey Garcia. I am told it was love at first site...Andele had not seen Mickey since 2009 while Mickey had joined with the Wheelmen during the Beth Page Long Island weekend in early August of this year in Andele's absence.

The photo brings tears to my eyes.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks To Our Loyal FAN!

A very nice note was left in the Westfield News Pulse Line last week. We appreciate the kind words. Thank you! For those that did not see it here it is...(how did we only make #2?).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wheelmen Grab 2011 Maranville Cup

In the same week the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, so too did the Westfield Wheelmen win the coveted first 2011 Rabbit Maranville Cup sponsored by "Bring It Home," Springfield's fine organization with a goal to bring baseball back to Springfield Massachusetts.

Read the article on the cup victory in the Springfield Republican/MassLive

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wheeler & The Wheelmen Help Kick-Off 2011 Little League Season

"Wheeler" and the Westfield Wheelmen helped kick-off the 2011 Westfield Little League season today by marching in the parade with the young ballists showing them the way and offering support for making the right choice in spring sports.

In the photo "Wheeler" is surrounded Nick "The Bull" Dumont on his left and Kenny "Lumberjack" Toporowski on his right and "Jersey" Joe Hepworth on his far right.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tickets On Sale Now for The Game of the Century!

Yesterday tickets sales kicked-off for the Game of the Century at the Wheelmen offices in downtown Westfield with local politicians State Senator Mike Knapik and State Representative Don Humason buying the first tickets. You can get yours two ways:

1) You can go down to Westfield Voke office during school hours or...
2) On-line;

Buying tickets on line is a great way to support the kids at Westfield Voke even if you cannot make the event due to other commitments or distance. Do it!

Yesterday also marked the debut of Wheeler the Wheelmen mascot as he watched over the proceedings.

From Left to Right: Dan "Gunner" Genovese, Captain of the Wheelmen; Clem Fucci, Westfield Voke Head Coach; Chris Oberther, Westfield Voke Player; Josh Jimenez, Westfield Voke Player; State Senator Mike Knapik; State Representative Don Humason; and "Wheeler" the Westfield Wheelmen mascot.